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Fundition - Crowdfunding and collaboration platform

Fundition, the next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and donation platform brings project founders, backers and followers together. Crowdfunding is nothing new, but Fundition has taken advantage of innovations in technology to bring project founders together with funding investors without a middleman.

A decentralized approach to crowdfunding allows Fundition to eliminate all fees for the founder, gives the backer more of a share of the project, and allows a peer-to-peer relationship between the founder and backer, without a middleman. Without the centralized corporation middleman, donations are available quickly and securely.

Whether you need backing for music recordings, books, cutting-edge technology, or a fundraiser for a local sports team or charity, Fundition gives you immediate access to the 2 million+ users of the Tron and Steem blockchains. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Fundition takes no fees and all donations come directly from the backer.

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Last updated: Jan 20th, 2019
Submitted: Dec 16th, 2018
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Critic Reviews

  • Fundition- A decentralised Crowdfunding platform (finance Dapp Review)

    Fundition is described as the next-generation decentralized peer to peer crowdfunding and donation platform that brings project founders, backers and followers, together. Fundition is leveraging Blockchain Technology in gathering project founders and Funding investors without a middle man. All Fees are eliminated for the Founder, gives the backer more of a share of the project, and allows a peer-to-peer relationship between the founder and backer, without a middleman and this is attributed to its Decentralised approach. Fundition is currently ranking number 22 among all the finance dapps on the Stateofthedapps website

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  • Fundition.io: Crowdfunding Through Steem

    We're living in a time when getting the required support to facilitate your dream is becoming increasingly difficult. Loans often come with a lot of interest and it's not like banks give us a lot to be positive about because they tend to be sneaky. Crowdfunding platforms were created to mitigate the effects of taking loans and with Fundition, we have a platform that has taken it to the next step.

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  • ¿Conoces Fundition? Te presento un Review

    Hoy les traigo un review de una aplicación que realiza una labor muy bonita y admirable dentro de la blockchain Steem. Se trata de Fundition, esta aplicación tiene un año con nosotros y su finalidad es promover modelos de financiación colectiva en beneficio de todos los interesados (rompiendo los esquemas tradicionales), lo que lleva a un mayor número de proyectos creativos que causarán impacto positivo en el mundo.

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  • Fundition - Way to your dream project - DApp review

    Fundition is a peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform based on the blockchain technology where founders, backers and followers can work together to start and make projects successful. It is decentralized which makes it robust and the peer-to-peer functionality ends the need of any middlemen. The founder and the backer are in direct transparent relation with each other. The platform charges no fees to the founder, also provide a fair share to the backer. The platform is supporting projects of all kinds - books, technology, music recording, exhibitions, charity or sports team. It lets you access 2 million+ user of blockchains - Tron and Steem.

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  • Crowdfunding on the STEEM Blockchain - Fundition

    In our present world, it is not uncommon for brilliant, revolutionary and major problem-solving ideas that could be positively massive for humans and humanity to never come to fruition due to insurmountable hindrances. These hindrances can be in the form of logistics, manpower and in most cases, finances. If I were to be given a dollar for every brilliant idea that does not make it to the incubation stage due to financial constraints, Bill Gate might have to queue behind me in world's richest ranking.

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