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  • Visit locations. Get Paid.
Geon App - Visit locations. Get Paid.

Geon App allows you to get paid for visiting real-world locations. Just open the app, find a Geon on the map, travel to it and geomine Geon Coins stored in it.

Geons are Augmented Reality (AR) objects, which you can experience in the Geon app on your smartphone if you are in close proximity to a Geon. There are over 1.5 MILLION Geons all over the world and you can geomine coins stored in any of them. Users can also create new Geons, which means there will be more popping up around you every day.

Once you collect your free Geon Coins, you can exchange them for a number of rewards at the Geon Store:
◊ Steam gift cards
◊ Random Steam games
◊ PayPal Gifts
◊ Netflix vouchers
with more to come!

So how does it work?

Download the Geon App (see the Geon Network website URL on this page).
Look for a Geon nearby and get within the geomining range (e.g. 150 meters/yards).
Geomine the coins.
Swap the coins for cool items in the Geon Store or create a new Geon and load it with your coins!

Status: Live


Geon Network

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Last updated: Mar 7th, 2019
Submitted: Nov 23rd, 2018
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Critic Reviews

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    With GEON you will be earning valuable, trade-able Tokens. And get this, stores or individuals can set Geon tokens in various locations to reward others. The most interesting feature to me however, is the ability for stores to not only offer GEON tokens, but to offer discounts, in the form of links and codes they have created and placing them in various locations for consumers, and they can do this for free.

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    In such a challenging time, an innovative blockchain based Augmented Reality mobile app is trying to change things for good. Welcome to Geon Network!

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  • This Cool AR App is Paying 1.5 Million Geon Coins for Visiting Places

    Since the day I came to know about this Geon App offered by Geon Network, I've been fascinated by this concept and the offering. But its low user base and popularity in the early days somewhat mitigated my enthusiasm in keeping myself hooked to it.

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  • Treasure hunting with Geon

    Geon is an augmented reality objects Dapp built on POA blockchain that allows its users to claim and gift out Geon coin. Geon uses real-life location to create a game like scenario where individuals will have to go out and claim tokens, which can then be traded for gifts cards, Paypal, and others.

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  • DApp Review – Featured Section – The Geon DApp Review

    How about making money by just visiting a particular location and enjoying yourself over there? This has been made possible by an app known as Geon. Simply visit real locations all over the world, discover these cool places, and get paid with Geon coins which can be used to purchase a variety of items.

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