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  • Create value at geolocation of your choice!
Geon App - Create value at geolocation of your choice!

The Geon Network app is finally here!

Create a Geon, set the geomining rules and top it up with Geon Coins, the blockchain-based loyalty tokens, so others can mine them. Or find Geons near you and geomine Geon Coins yourself!

Download the one and only app utilising Augmented Reality for instant loyalty token transfers! The 1.0.0 release allows you to create two types of Augmented Reality Geons. A Geon with Geon Coins and a "secret message" Geon.

-Hunt for discount codes, secret messages or game clues hidden in Geons or create your own Geons to attract users to your business.
-Set up outdoor games - treasure hunts, digital geocaching etc.
-Get 1000 Geon Coins to get you started. Use them to create your own Geons or hunt for existing Geons and geomine them. Get rewarded for gathering the most Geon Coins AND for creating the most geomined Geons. Please note that Geon Coins don’t represent cash value in the 1.0.0 release

GEON - Set. Fill. Share. Repeat.

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Submitted: Nov 23rd, 2018
Last updated: Nov 23rd, 2018

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