• GiveyNation

  • Transparent, accountable fundraising platform

GiveyNation is a community fundraising dApp (Decentralized Application) in development that will run on the EOS blockchain, the application aims to solve issues with transparency and trust in the charity sector, we believe that donors should be able to see exactly where their money goes and the social impact it has made.

Status: WIP


Givey Ltd.

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Last updated: Jan 23rd, 2019
Submitted: Jan 23rd, 2019

Critic Reviews

  • What Happened to GiveyNation - A Fundraising Dapp Built on EOS?

    So do we really need another funding platform? Well, when I came across the GiveyNation, I started to believe thee is lot more to be done in this field. I realized GiveNation is targeting a very important problem that choke the charity sector, namely transparency and accountability.

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