• Go Battle Arena

  • Win GO721 collectables 4 free. Win big $$$ prizes
Go Battle Arena - Win GO721 collectables 4 free. Win big $$$ prizes

The future is now, blockchain has long been a part of normal life and as the world's population spiralled out of control your ancestors have spread across the galaxy making homes on every bit of space rock they could find.

Everyone longs to be back on planet earth but spaces are limited and the only way to a landing pass is to link to the Robot Arena Net, create a remote blockchain connection to a battle bot and FIGHT!.

The chances of winning are remote… close to impossible… but participating in the battle arena is the only hope for “Offearthers”. You may never get back to planet earth but a battle is waiting and maybe, just maybe….. You can fight your way to ultimate victory

Battle Bots is a fully decentralized webapp game that uses $GO and the GO-721 token - Robot

The game is for fun and has many prizes too! These can be won through tournament placement, random giveaways. referrals and a monthly special bonus "Ticket Home" given to the most active player over certain periods.

Status: Live


Brock McBlockchain & King Bob

Software license


Last updated: Oct 24th, 2019
Submitted: Jul 13th, 2019
  • Mainnet contract (GoChain)

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