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GoldGames - Play the games or become the House

GoldGames is a gaming and entertainment ecosystem that enables both play and investment. We strive to engage the crypto enthusiast community to use the blockchain for the purposes of:
• Social Gaming
• Social Betting
• Rewards
The gaming platform is hosted on GoChain which ensures fast gaming experience and close to zero transaction costs. Each Game can be played with GoChain native token: GO.
GoldGames is powered by a native platform token: GOLD, which will be used to receive passive income in the form of GOLD token’s rewards, through participation in the platform.
GOLD holders experience token appreciation, earn rewards, and participate in revenue sharing from games as the platform grows and the game's bankroll distributes rewards incomes.

Status: Live


Kirk, Kat, Dedalus, Pixie

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Last updated: Jan 15th, 2019
Submitted: Jan 10th, 2019

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