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HB Wallet - All in one ETH Wallet

HB Wallet is an all-in-one Ethereum Wallet which is now available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Users can use credit cards to purchase BTC, ETH, or XRP directly on HB Wallet in a few simple steps. There is also a built-in Decentralized Exchange to trade ERC-20 tokens to ETH and vice versa. Users can chat with each other, host a community, and send NFT Assets (ERC-721), ETH, or Tokens while chatting via HB Chat. An NFT Market is always accessible on both HB Wallet Desktop and Mobile. This is where users can sell their Assets in ERC-721 format; and many more awesome features are waiting for you to try.

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Last updated: Sep 5th, 2019
Submitted: Jun 18th, 2019
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