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  • On-chain options trading protocol
Hegic - On-chain options trading protocol

Hegic is an on-chain options trading protocol on Ethereum powered by hedge contracts and liquidity pools.

Use non-custodial hedge contracts to protect your ETH from losses and drawdowns in any market conditions.

Hedge contract is an Ethereum smart contract that gives the holder a right to swap their ETH to DAI stablecoins at a fixed rate during a certain period. Holding a hedge contract is similar to having a drawdown insurance or holding a put option contract. Hedge contract's execution is guaranteed by the code, which in turn is executed by Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), not by a centralized organization. You can think of a hedge contract as of a non-custodial, trustless and censorship-resistant version of a put option contract with on-chain settlement.

Status: Live


Molly Wintermute

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Last updated: Mar 3rd, 2020
Submitted: Mar 3rd, 2020

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