• Human Initiated Performance Reporting
HIPR - Human Initiated Performance Reporting

The current HIPR dapp is a tile slide puzzle game in which users play & submit scores to a leaderboard. This leaderboard then airdrops HERC tokens to the top players at the end of the season.

The restful-api library is for developers to build games on top of and airdrop their own tokens!
In the background a 3rd party verifcation system allows for the review and checksum of transaction hashes.

From a technology standpoint, HIPR implements steganography, an age old cryptography process to encrypt the Hercules protocol supply chain metrics into puzzles humans perform to validation of chain data integrity.

HIPR is built with Unity3D, with C# for gameplay and Solidity for smart contracts. It targets WebGL thanks to emscripten and WASM and it interacts with smart contracts with Web3 library. From market research we have found this Consensus model is 90% more efficient as we scale in HIPR players because the more we entertain our community, the more integrious our chain data becomes.

Status: Live


Hercules SEZC

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Last updated: Apr 18th, 2019
Submitted: Jan 29th, 2019
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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  • Ropsten contract (Ethereum)

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