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  • Export & Sync Hive Transaction Data Easily!
hiveBIT - Export & Sync Hive Transaction Data Easily!

hiveBIT is the first DApp on the Hive blockchain that allows users to export their entire transaction history to a CSV file - for FREE!

We also have developed an API as a premium service that, for a small yearly fee ($20), will allow "sync" access between a users Hive account and their crypto tax/portfolio services they use.

We are currently working with companies such as Koinly.io, CoinTracker.io, CoinTracking.info, and others to fully integrate our API/sync service - however, our CSV files can currently be imported into a variety of existing tax and portfolio DApps.

hiveBIT also plans on offering a large suite of marketing tools for Hive users, soon to be announced.

Status: Live


HiveHustlers / nulledgh0st / rishi556

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Last updated: Aug 27th, 2020
Submitted: Aug 27th, 2020
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