• HiveWallet

  • Fast, secure and open source wallet for Hive
HiveWallet - Fast, secure and open source wallet for Hive

1: Monitor multiple Hiveaccounts

You can add as many as you like, just tap on the account name to add more or swap.

2: Sign & send transactions with biometry support

You can import keys onto an encrypted wallet in the app. The app requests you to pick a safe passphrase encryption and has a unique initialisation vector for every wallet. Optionally you can opt to store the passphrase on the native device keychain and unlock with biometry, should your device support this.

  1. Browse and securely login Hive Dapps!
    With the integrated Dapp browser you can easily login on Hive sites supporting the Keychain for Hive plugin. Thanks to cross-over support of this library you can sign & transact without your private keys ever getting online as the transactions will be signed on the device with only the signature broadcasted.

  2. Create accounts on the Hive chain instantly.
    Need an extra account? Don't have an account? With integrated in-app purchase you can create a new account instantly!

Status: Live



Software license

Creative Commons 4.0

Last updated: Apr 30th, 2020
Submitted: Dec 18th, 2018
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