• Horseman GO

  • Horseman GO is a horse racing game.
Horseman GO - Horseman GO is a horse racing game.

Horseman GO is a horse racing game with innovative concept, which is developed based on blockchain technology. Players fight for the top championships by running their own horse ranches.
Through horse mating, the horses' genes can be continuously improved and the racehorses' attributes can also be enhanced. After a strong racehorse wins the PVE race or PVP race in the game, its owner can receive considerable rewards. Core items such as racehorses and advanced skill books in the game can be effectively verified by the blockchain, so as to ensure that their ownership is clear and their values are controllable.
More critically, all the earnings in the game will go into the Central Jockey Club, and then rewarded to the players in the form of bonuses or be used to support the ecosystem construction of the game. The Horseman GO community only takes a small percentage of the earnings as the basic support cost. In this way, the symbiosis of the players and the game is realized and the practi

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Horseman GO

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Last updated: Aug 24th, 2020
Submitted: May 26th, 2020
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