• HyperDragons

  • Large scale strategy battle game
HyperDragons - Large scale strategy battle game

HyperDragons is a competitive fighting game powered by blockchain technology, While the game allows users to collect, breed, and trade digital dragons by generating smart contracts on blockchain, it emphasizes on fun and sustainable gameplay and opens up a fantastic battlefield on blockchain, giving players a hybrid experience of fun gaming and digital asset accumulation.

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Last updated: Dec 6th, 2018
Submitted: Jul 13th, 2018

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Critic Reviews

  • Hyperdragons (Dapp Game): Large Scale Strategy Battle Game

    The rate at which children love dragons or desire to see one alive is so interesting. I always remember those young age days when we can't do without having a dragon toys around use, and all those myth about them, how they are breed still amaze me till now. We will be looking into a Dapp ethereum based game which is known as hyperdragons.

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  • Hyperdragons (Game Review) - First Decentralized Fighting Game & First Ever Blockchain Strategy Game

    I have played all kinds of games be it gameboy, playstation, mobile games, so my knowledge about games is massive. I'm actually writing my first game review(just maybe I might even like this new area of writing, who knows, but you can drop what you think, don't be harsh with your criticism though, smiles). I'm going to be sharing my personal review about this awesome game, Hyperdragons which is currently(as at the time of writing this article) ranked number 28 on the State of the DApps ranking. How would the first ever decentralized fighting game look like, if you wanna find out, you better find somewhere quiet and sit back and read this super awesome game review, that I made just for you.(smiles & winks)

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