• Distributed exchange made of smart contracts
IDEX - Distributed exchange made of smart contracts

IDEX is a decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum (ERC-20) tokens. IDEX combines the speed of centralization with the security of blockchain settlement.

Status: Live


Decentralized Capital

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Last updated: Jan 11th, 2019
Submitted: Feb 20th, 2017

Active users ?

  • Daily 1,163
  • Weekly 7,634
  • Monthly 17,888


  • 1 day 10,526
  • 7 days 95,985
  • 30 days 304,595

Volume (ETH)

  • 1 day 3,470.342
  • 7 days 44,540.006
  • 30 days 130,400.029
  • Mainnet contracts (Ethereum)

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Critic Reviews

  • IDEX- A hybrid, semi-decentralized exchange solution in Etherum Family

    The idea of blockchain is always to bring decentralization into the fundamentals. Having a blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency whose invention was primarily based on "decentralization", if traded in centralized exchanges, then I must say "There is a conflict of interest". IDEX is a decentralized exchange for trading and exchanging ERC-20 tokens in Etherum Blockchain.

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  • IDEX - is Making the Culture of Decentralized Crypto Exchanges Mainstream

    Fortunately, soon I encountered a DEX called IDEX. Initially I was reluctant to use it but my initial fears soon disappeared when I first tried it. In fact, I fell in love with it and that lead me to accumulate more of ETH and ERC-20 coins than any other crypto currencies.

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  • IDEX - Distributed Exchange Made of Smart Contracts

    Today, I present to you IDEX Exchange which solves the problems experienced on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. At the time of writing, IDEX exchange is ranked number 9 on the list of top DApps of 2019. All about IDEX exchange and how to trade on IDEX exchange will be discussed in this DApp review.

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    Idex is a decentralized exchange built on the ethereum blockchain, supporting erc20 tokens . Meaning you cant find btc or other main chain tokens there. Idex supportd the trade of over 300 tokens in a peer to peer environment using smart contracts to relay transactions on the ethereum blockchain. Idex acts as an intermediary that communicates transactions upon users command.

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