• In The Middle

  • Easy bet and win game
In The Middle - Easy bet and win game

This game is for three participants.

It's so easy. Make a bet. You win if your bet is between the other two bets. You will inmediatelly win the ether of the highest bet.
In case of tie (same bet ammounts) the first bet in time is considered lower that the second bet.

The minimun bet is 0.01 ether. Bet and wait for other participants to play.

Example: Peter bets 0.02 ether. Mike bets 0.06 ether. Mary bets 0.01 ether. Peter wins 0.06 ether!
Example: Peter bets 0.4 ether. Mike bets 0.02 ether. Mary bets 0.03 ether. Mary wins 0.4 ether!

Do you dare to win?

Status: Live


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Last updated: Oct 28th, 2018
Submitted: Oct 19th, 2018
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