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IQeon - PvP gaming platform

IQeon PvP gaming platform comprises more than 20 browser games of various genres: shooter, puzzle, platformer, runner, racing, action, RPG and so on. And the list is constantly updated with new games.

Unauthorized users can play games
in training mode. Gaming matches with real rivals become available after registration. Users can play for free or for IQN.

The platform allows users to monetize their gaming achievements in games, using internal digital asset IQN. It can be used for participation in
multiplayer matches, for a free exchange with other players, withdrawal on crypto wallets or
transferring into other assets through trade sites.

At the moment, IQeon.com is at the open beta testing stage now.

Status: Beta


Vadim Dovguchits (CEO IQeon)

Software license


Last updated: Aug 2nd, 2019
Submitted: Aug 2nd, 2019

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