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  • Compliant Stable Coins

the jibrel network aims to facilitate the digitization , listing and trading of traditional assets
1 2 such as currencies, bonds and other financial instruments, on the blockchain. The jibrel
decentral bank will allow platform users to deposit cash, money market instruments or create
their own Crypto Depository Receipts (CryDRs) and benefit from on­chain / off­chain arbitrage.
Decentralized organizations and funds that are overexposed in digital currencies can hedge
their positions and protect their funding with stable assets. Furthermore, jibrel will provide
developers with a complete platform to build tools and applications for transacting, investing
and hedging, through leveraging traditional asset­backed tokens.

Status: WIP


Yazan Barghuthi, Talal Tabbaa, Victor Mezrin

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Last updated: Jan 16th, 2018
Submitted: Jan 16th, 2018

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