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KARMA - Social Media For Good

KARMA is social media for good. Users are incentivized to do good, share positive & cool content and receive KARMA when their content is upvoted. KARMA is available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Do Good, Earn KARMA!

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Last updated: May 17th, 2019
Submitted: Sep 19th, 2018
  • Mainnet contracts (EOS)

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Critic Reviews

  • KARMA DAPP, Applications That Encourage People To Act Good

    KARMA is a decentralized mobile application built on EOSIO contract devices. At KARMA you can publish content in the form of photos or videos. Published content must have the value of goodness in the form of original content, interesting, educative and of high social value. Every user who contributes to this mobile project will receive a KARMA coin. KARMA rewards can be obtained through likes / upvote points provided by community members on the KARMA platform.

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  • KARMA - Social media for good

    There are many people that do good in this world, just because they feel that they have to do that, or it may be from religion from God or whatever. Doing good brings good back, this is called Karma. Not just with good , whatever goes around comes back around. But doing good to others always results to the best things. This is why some amazing people that love doing good to others created a platform with this attractive name KARMA to attract people to make awesome things to those who are in need for help and earn with Karma tokens. By validating goods that others do as a witness or give karma to family members friends or anyone that you want to make a good too.

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  • Karma, earn reward for doing good

    Karma is a decentralized social platform built on EOSIO that hopes to increase the activity of giving aid to users in need of it. This is achieved by creating incentives where users will be rewarded with the token Karma that is generated from the reward pool daily. This token can be traded via different listed exchange platform or sent to other users on the platform

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  • KARMA - Share Good Deeds And Earn Rewards (DApp Review)

    The revolution of technology has caused the world this day to be more friendly. We sit at various comforts and interact with each other. These needs of ours caused developers to design softwares that would make these interactions more friendly. It is with this, that many dapps came into existence.

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