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Kickback - Event management platform

Event no shows? No problem. Meet Kickback—an Ethereum-based event management service that delivers higher event participation rates by asking registrants to put some skin in the game.

Status: Live


No Block No Party Ltd

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Last updated: Dec 5th, 2018
Submitted: Dec 5th, 2018

Development activity?

326 events  -13.98% (30d)

761 events (90d)

Active users ?

  • Daily 3
  • Weekly 12
  • Monthly 65


  • 1 day 3
  • 7 days 12
  • 30 days 130

Volume (ETH)

  • 1 day 0.07
  • 7 days 0.21
  • 30 days 1.12
  • Mainnet contracts (Ethereum)

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Critic Reviews

  • Watch kickback turn your events around

    Unlike the traditional invite back in the days,centralization and civilization has taken over the world.The email which is the most commonly used means of sending out invite and one of the cheapest and easiest form known to man can be somehow unpredictable in it's result. People might turn up for this event or it might turn out to be a flop.Some people will register and decide not to come due to some reasons while some who are interested might not be able to register for the event.This is all what the Kickback team thought about before providing us with the best solution possible to fight this problem faced by event organizers.

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