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  • A place to showcase your talent and get rewarded
knacksteem - A place to showcase your talent and get rewarded

Knacksteem is an open source platform on the Steem blockchain that seeks to reward talents on a much broader scale, which eradicates partiality, and infuses transparency, on the blockchain.

The project aimed to reward great and passionate article writers, hard-working individuals willing to promote their culture and interesting, original skills. It aims to remove the need for mediators and encourage cultural activities and sharing your passion with a wide audience, getting rewarded in the process.
Check out the project landing page for more info here https://join.knacksteem.org/

Status: Abandoned


Ibrahim onozasi

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Last updated: Jul 19th, 2019
Submitted: Dec 16th, 2018
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Critic Reviews

  • KnackSteem - A Platform That Rewards Your Talent & Skills (Media DApp Review)

    Do you have an incredible talent? Are you very good at singing, dancing, playing the piano, cracking really funny jokes but yet no one knows you and more annoying, you earn nothing from such an awesome talent of yours. With this super unique platform/project, all that would change for you, as you would be able to earn rewards with your talent and also have audience from almost everywhere around the world, isn't that just great? I introduce to you guys, Knacksteem, a platform that rewards your talent. I would be giving my honest review on this Decentralized Application(DApp) that currently sits at number 27 on the State of the DApps Media Category ranking. For those, who are have super cool talents, this review promises to be super interesting and very informative, so I would kindly advice that you find somewhere quiet and sit back and read through this super interesting Media DApp review, that I made just for you(smiles & winks).

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  • Top media dapps of 2019 — Knacksteem.org

    Life has blessed each individual with a unique talent and skill. If you do a quick survey, you will find out that a group of a thousand young minds will have different talents, skills and passion. This means that what fuels the passion of Mr A might differ from what fuels the passion of Mr B. Sadly, the job that pays the bill might not be the one that the individual is passionate about. Another funny aspect is that most people would leave their current job if they turned their passion into money. This means that having a platform that can reward unique talent is a welcome development. This post will focus on such a platform known as knacksteem.

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  • Knacksteem: Rewarding People with Talent! | Promote & Review DApp

    America's got Talent! Britain's got Talent! Let me tell you: Knacksteem got Talent! There are so many common people who are gifted with great talents. Where can they go to showcase their talents?

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  • Knacksteem Review

    Welcome to steemit, a dynamic environment where we have something for everyone, irrespective of where they come from. Steemit has rewarded and provided for numerous individuals from all over the world and is still in the business of doing so. In my sojourn through the media dapps on stateofthedapps, I encountered Knacksteem and I liked the title. I opened its corner in the Stateofthedapps hotel and saw that there's yet more reason to be on steemit and be a potential beneficiary of this initiative

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