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  • Collect NFTs and earn rewards
Legend Art - Collect NFTs and earn rewards

Legend Art is an NFT ecosystem integrating NFT collections, a marketplace, and their own native token, $LGD. Legend Art is kicking things off with what is sure to be a smash hit, the LegendAries! Artist Hato Mato is the pen behind this collection of adorably enchanting ladies, and he lovingly created over 250 traits, giving each Aries gal a unique look.

Legend Arts NFTs, such as the LegendAries can be staked on the platform to earn the $LGD token, which can be used to buy NFTs from future projects and special edition NFTs. The individual traits of the LegendAries ladies will of course have varying rarities making some considerably more rare and valuable than others, also also adds a boost to the rate at which the $LGD tokens are rewarded.

Status: Live


Chillyo, Peter, Hato Mato

Software license


Last updated: Nov 10th, 2021
Submitted: Oct 27th, 2021
  • Mainnet contract (Moonriver)

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