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  • Push your focus on your life goals
Life Book - Push your focus on your life goals

This dapp aims to push you focus on your life goals, and keep the trace of your life story(chronicles) in Ethereum blockchain for ever.
You could write memories of your past, record the milestones in your past years; But more importantly, you could set goals for the future in every stage of your coming life and keep tracking your progress of them(like above image, I have achieved two of my goals 100%, 1 with 70% at 32). Remember that, think twice before you setting up your goals. And you need to be determined, work alone with your setting goals. Don’t change your goals frequently, otherwise you need pay extra ether, even more you would cost price in your own life(life is short, merely 100 years/grids for you to fill).

At last, you would get a splendid lifeBook.Share you lifebook with your friends.Now start record your splendid/unique life in blockchain, with your name and birthday(which would exist for ever in Internet)

Status: Beta



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Submitted: Oct 25th, 2018
Last updated: Oct 25th, 2018
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