• MATCH Liquidity Staking

  • MATCH DeFi applies the Automatic Market Makers (AM

"MATCH DeFi applies the Automatic Market Makers (AMM) principle and distribute the tokens fairly through Liquidity Staking mechanism. Therefore, the token holders are encouraged to participate as Liquidity Providers that could earn Swap Fees and MATCH tokens through mining based on applicable APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

The formula is defined deliberately to ensure the calculation is fair to the Liquidity Providers. The calculation considers the amount of liquidity and the duration of the liquidity. The longer you put liquidity and more MATCH/TRX LP tokens to stack, the higher percentage of MATCH can be earned. The calculation is applied in the Smart Contract. Thus, no single interface can alter the results."

Status: WIP



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Last updated: Mar 20th, 2021
Submitted: Mar 20th, 2021
  • Mainnet contract (TRON)

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