• Metha biofund

  • Financial ecosystem for longevity research.
Metha biofund - Financial ecosystem for longevity research.

Metha Biofund is a Decentralized financial ecosystem for biomedical research.

Research is the principal engine of stimulus and change for all industries, this value is enough for it to sustain its own economic system.

With a currency of use for all interactions inside Metha biofund umbrella we can grow funds for Research institutions by emiting currency through an auction.

This way we fund new projects, increase the underlying value of the currency and grow its adoption. This fixes conflict of interest issues by pointing every actor interest in the same direction.

The dapp will provide full functionalities, including the Token Auction, the funding mechanism for institutions,project auditing, and decentralized governance while also providing a marketplace.

Status: WIP


Jose Victor Martinez, Pablo Maldonado

Software license


Last updated: Nov 15th, 2020
Submitted: Jun 24th, 2020
  • Ropsten contract (Ethereum)

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  • Rinkeby contract (Ethereum)

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