• MoniBooks

  • High Yield Farming Platform

MoniBooks(MNBKS) is a DeFi Stake and Yield Farming Platform. It is a decentralized staking platform that provides passive income to its investors by distributing rewards to users according to the amount of token staked and the retention time of the tokens on the staking platform. In addition, to yield farming strategies via smart contract, MNBKS provides security services for inexperienced users as a DeFi gateway and shows all on Blockchain to users for transparency purposes. MNBKS can be easily integrated with DEX or other platforms for yield farming infra-structure and commission rebates. MNBKS token can be used for staking, farming, fee rewards, voting and governance in the MoniBooks platforms.

Status: Live


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Last updated: Feb 1st, 2021
Submitted: Feb 1st, 2021
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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