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  • Contract wallet paired with a debit card
Monolith - Contract wallet paired with a debit card

Monolith is an Ethereum-powered solution allowing you to spend your ETH and ERC-20 in real-life, the way you're used to: with a debit card accepted anywhere.

The cards are available and shipping to the UK, France, and most other European countries: all 31 countries of the EEA. The app to manage the card and the wallet is now live on both iOS and Android.

The fees are kept to a minimum. There is no setup fee, no activation fee, nor point of sale fees. The only usage fee users have to cover is a 1-2% top-up fee depending on the token used.

Monolith's cards are paired with a non-custodial contract wallet to secure crypto assets to the best of current technical possibilities. Users can set up a whitelist as well as daily spending limits to protect their assets, even if their wallet was to be compromised, without compromising on the solution's usability.

Status: Live


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Last updated: Feb 26th, 2020
Submitted: Oct 6th, 2016

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