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  • Hack the monolith. Uncover its secrets.
MonolithEOS - Hack the monolith. Uncover its secrets.

Many years ago, Earth was abandoned following a cataclysm that wiped out 90% of the population and cleansed the planet of all viability. The survivors had taken refuge in a small iron-rich planet EOS located in a galaxy far far away. The natives had greeted the migrants with open arms but as the humans consumed more and more of the planet’s limited resources, civil unrest ensued. The year is 2297. The planet EOS is on the brink of war and extinction. There must be a way to survive. Perhaps there was more to that cataclysm than we were prepared to understand. Perhaps we should go back.

Players take on the role of native and migrant space hackers from the Planet EOS, competing for control of a recently discovered monolith on the now desolate Earth. Much of the monolith’s power is yet to be understood, but it appears to be some kind of massive supercomputer sent here by an advanced civilization during the cataclysm.

Status: Live


MonolithEOS 2019

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Last updated: Jan 2nd, 2020
Submitted: Nov 14th, 2019
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