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Many decades ago, a colony of mosquitoes travelled away from Earth, out to unknown space and started a new society on the Moon. After years of struggles and natural selection, a new species was born. The new race developed a felonious intelligence and an impressive war tactic.

Slowly the new born species took over the ancient guard and started a new political party. The party was formed with the single vision of conquering the universe and funding their Headquarters on planet Earth!

A selected group of 5000 MoonSquitos were sent into outer space to invade other worlds, causing inhabitants sleepless nights and colonising their planets.

The MoonSquitos squad is now travelling to Earth to conclude their journey and settle on our planet. Their mission is to turn humans into a useless sleepwalker crew and exhaust all resources on Earth!

Join the Resistance! Catch the MoonSquitos and save planet Earth, from the threat of a no-sleep existence!

Status: WIP


C.A. MoonSquitos

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Last updated: Dec 28th, 2021
Submitted: Nov 10th, 2021
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