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  • Reimagined micro-blogging

Murmur is a micro-blogging platform built on the EOS that gives users the ability to share freely, control their data, trace the origins of any story and get content rewards.
CONTROL YOUR DATA: Information uploaded by an individual is completely owned by them, and not by any platform or the underlying software/network. This gives users control over their data, and they can choose to share it with networks that build on top of Murmur.
PREVENT FAKE NEWS: Every transaction on a blockchain is traceable to its origin. This helps minimize fake news by verifying the source behind false information.
GET CONTENT REWARDS: You take back value for being a part of Murmur in the form of the MUR token, paid for by the network and partner platforms.

MURMUR: Public message worth 256 characters are called Murmur. Murmurs are broadcasted on the EOS blockchain.

Status: Beta


abhinav ramesh, amit maurya, chainflux.

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Submitted: Oct 29th, 2018
Last updated: Oct 29th, 2018

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