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  • P2P privacy network powering DApps
MysteriumVPN - P2P privacy network powering DApps

Mysterium Network is an open source project fighting censorship, surveillance and cybercrime through decentralized tech.

Our P2P node network can power all sorts of exciting DApps, including the world's first decentralized VPN!

This decentralized architecture uses powerful encryption and layered protection protocols to guarantee your privacy and anonymity while you freely explore content from around the world.

Join our network to start sharing your excess internet bandwidth with those in need - and get paid for it. We believe that to decentralize the internet is to democratize it; an internet powered by people is the next stage of its technological and social evolution.

This global network lays the groundwork for all kinds of world-first distributed services to be built on top of it - so plug in and help us build the open source future.

Status: Live


Mysterium Network

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open source - https://github.com/MysteriumNetwork

Last updated: Mar 11th, 2020
Submitted: Mar 16th, 2019

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