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  • Nagemon, Gacha, Dapps Games, AI bots, Readyplayer
Nagemon - Nagemon, Gacha, Dapps Games, AI bots, Readyplayer

Game story: Late 2019, Readyplayer Inc – a reputed Blockchain Company – successfully discovers a Crypto-world. They name it ‘Nagemon’, where crypto-assets can be found and traded. AI bots are in charge of keeping ‘Nagemon’ safe and sound. One day, with a desire to rule the whole ‘Nagemon’, AI bots step forward to claim their whole and complete authority. As a consequence, AI bots turn ‘Nagemon’ from a peaceful decentralized world to a chaos centralized one, where they can abuse their power, and seize all the resources. Will it ever be a peaceful place again?That idea urges Cyclops and Odin to show up with an expectation to stop AI bots, and to regain the peaceful decentralized state of ‘Nagemon’. Is it possible for them to complete their quest? Their faith is in your hands now!

Status: Live


Readyplayer Inc.

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Last updated: Oct 10th, 2019
Submitted: Apr 23rd, 2019

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  • Weekly 322
  • Monthly 1,161


  • 1 day 121
  • 7 days 934
  • 30 days 4,028

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  • 7 days 0.484
  • 30 days 0.486
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