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Nexo - Instant crypto-backed loans

Nexo is the most advanced and trusted instant crypto lending provider on a global scale, servicing 40+ currencies across more than 200 jurisdictions. Nexo has provided tens of millions​ of dollars worth of loans to an ever-growing​ base of thousands​ of happy clients. The interest rates of the company's signature Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ start from 5.9% APR!

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Nexo AG, Zug, Switzerland

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Critic Reviews

  • Nexo - Instant Crypto-backed Loans (Review)

    As cryptocurrency investors, there are times where there are urgent need for liquid cash. One can run into trouble, discover new investment opportunities outside of crypto, or just need money for day- to - day bills settlement. As a wise investor, it is a bad idea to sell off your crypto assets for fiat currency when the time is not yet right because, the market might move upward, resulting into you losing in term of profitability.

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    In today's world,where human wants are insatiable,where resources are scarce,a world where brilliant ideas weren't actualized as a result of scarce funds,where businesses are stagnant because of insufficient funds for expansion,a world where dreams remains imagination because of scarce funds,these unfortunate scenarios makes us turn to the banks for loans .But the rigorous process of accessing bank loans coupled with faux interest rate,hidden charges,sometimes heavy collateral,makes this bank loans difficult to acquire or inaccessible. But lately,there have been a disruption in the financial sector,that is,the introduction of a distributed decentralized public ledger(blockchain technology) into the financial system.The integration brought about a whole new concept in accessing financial loans which are flexible and easily accessible compared to traditional bank loans. One of such platforms which is reliable in getting instant loans backed by creypto assets is nexo.io .

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  • Nexo - The world's first instant crypto credit line [review]

    NEXO is an instant crypto backed loan system powered by credissimo (a leading fin tech group rendering services to millions across Europe for the past decade), the NEXO system enable crypto holders to maintain 100% ownership of there crypto asset and equally getting instant asses to it when it comes to withdrawal without exchange/escrow fees or looking for buyer, the whole process can be done using simple clicks. With over 200+ jurisdictions and 45+ accepted cryptocurrencies, users can get their loan within some minutes without government bonds, ownership of the staked digital asset is been assured by contracts on the blockchain.

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  • NEXO - The Most Versatile Crypto Bank Revolutionizes Crypto Financing

    Nexo is the world's first, largest and most trusted crypto lender. You can say Nexo is your crypto bank account. You can borrow an instant loan in over 45 fiat currencies in about 200 jurisdictions against 20+ types of cryptocurrencies. You can always hodl your crypto as a long term investment even during a long bear market phase and don't need to sell them for meeting your temporary liquidity needs. All sizes of loans are available instantly, from as low as $500 to as much as $2 millions. (Minimum loan amount is soon going to be reduced to only $100).

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  • NEXO! Don't sell your CryptoAssets, instead use them as collateral to get loans.

    Having to sell a percentage of your Crypto portfolio in order to finish an urgent problem is one of the biggest hesitations for any Crypto holder, as a Crypto enthusiast and solid holder I can relate to this and I know most of you out there similarly do understand. The bear markets are hard to withstand especially if you have bills to pay or business to facilitate. Holding cryptocurrencies is one of the most known ways to earn from Cryptocurrencies, many Crypto holders always boast about their portfolios that compounds regularly, some stake their crypto to earn some dividends, some just believe in some projects that will multiply their portfolios when that success finally happens.

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