• Discover, collect and trade NFTs
NFTKEY - Discover, collect and trade NFTs

At NFTKEY you can unlock quick and easy decentralised access to digital collectibles and explore, buy and sell NFTs from different blockchains and artists.

Our marketplace allows Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain NFTs to be listed, bid on, bought and sold without any centralised servers. All of these events and actions are written on-chain for full transparency and accessibility.

The NFTKEY interface directly interacts with the NFTKEY Marketplace Smart Contract on the blockchain. All listing and bidding actions are P2P transactions without involvement of any centralised services.

Our philosophy at NFTKEY is to provide a great user experience and embrace the blockchain decentralisation ethos.

Status: Live


If.x, Cryptographr

Software license


Last updated: Apr 16th, 2021
Submitted: Apr 16th, 2021
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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  • Ropsten contract (Ethereum)

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