• Noft Games

  • Browser-based deathmatch battles
Noft Games - Browser-based deathmatch battles

🛸 Nofts inhabit an abandoned spaceship deep in Space. Your task is to lead your NFT character to victory - through firefights, setting traps and solving logical puzzles.

🚀 Each Noft is one of 333 unique space-inspired NFTs. Each Noft also has a unique set of parameters. This is taken care of by an experienced development team.

🎮 The game is already released and accessible directly from your web browser, you do not need to download or install anything.

🆓 Free to play battles available for everyone.

🚴 Fully on-chain roadmap based on our unique combat system. It is built in the form of elimination matches that take place in the space arena. Prizes are tangible amounts of BNB cryptocurrency.

🎤 Quality art inspired by cyberpunk style in general - especially The Fifth Element, Cyberpunk 2077, Blade Runner 2049.

👥 We invite you to join our friendly growing community on Discord and Twitter!

Status: Live


Kesha Seyfert, Nikita Abramov

Software license

Unknown license

Last updated: Apr 20th, 2022
Submitted: Apr 20th, 2022
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