• Shine Your Light !!
nTOPAZ - Shine Your Light !!

√ nTOPAZ is a start-up venture company that begins with the belief that human natural talent and creative ideas can shine well, work creatively, and find their meaning and identity when they are well recognized for their value.
√ nTOPAZ means n, an infinite number of TOPAZes(characterization of talents who shine like jewels) who interchange horizontally and vertically through a common n(Network)--growing and collaborating together on a social media-based service.
√ The slogan for the service is "Shine your Light!" which means give off your talents to your heart's content, as well as a neutral message to light up (fill in) the darkness.

Status: Live


Charis Hong

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Last updated: Mar 29th, 2019
Submitted: Feb 27th, 2019

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Critic Reviews

  • nTOPAZ | A platform for Artists who want to Shine! [ DAppsLovers Review]

    Hi Community! One of the things I love most is singing, it's my life and my passion. Since I started on Steem blockchain, more than nine months ago I have been sharing my videos both in the video dapps as well as in multiple contests, thus managing to monetize my content. Most of my content are videos in which I sing original songs or covers and it is really great when I discover new platforms where I can share my audiovisual content such as nTOPAZ.

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