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OracleSwap - Derivatives contract suite

OracleSwap is a cryptoeconomically-optimized suite of contracts oriented towards long-term investors and ETH holders. Counterparties take long or short swap positions in ETH, BTC, or the US equity market and transact at forward-starting market-on-close prices. Liquidity Providers post two-sided offers, receive portfolio margining, and earn their income via funding rates and closing fees. Interactions are minimized to reduce direct and indirect costs, leaving only the oracle as an attack surface. The pseudonymous oracle's limited duties and complete ownership create robust incentives while being uncensorable. A working prototype is on the main Ethereum network, but this is meant as a template for creators in favorable legal jurisdictions.

Status: Live


Eric Falkenstein

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Last updated: Mar 11th, 2020
Submitted: Mar 11th, 2020
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