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Our Bible - Preserving the bible with blockchain

Our Bible preserves the KJV Bible on the Ethereum blockchain one verse at a time.

Christians are persecuted around the world. In China, the Communist party arrested pastors and altered the Bible's text.

The word of God faces threats from an ever-growing list of Bible versions as well. Bible versions besides KJV purport to improve readability, while in actuality they change the meaning of verses and outright remove them.

Thanks to the immutable nature of Ethereum's blockchain, we have an opportunity to preserve the Bible. Together, we can add one verse at a time to the blockchain so it may be retrieved in a distributed way.

We can work together to maintain the word of God — free from the tampering of those who would seek its diminishment through adulteration.

Status: Live


John Wall, Ealdorman, Inc.

Software license


Last updated: Jan 31st, 2020
Submitted: Jan 31st, 2020
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