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  • The easiest way to earn crypto
Partiko - The easiest way to earn crypto

Partiko is the easiest way to earn crypto. Users can make posts on the Steem blockchain through Partiko and earn STEEM by collecting upvotes. They can also earn Partiko Points and convert them into crypto.

Status: Live



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Last updated: Mar 12th, 2019
Submitted: Dec 16th, 2018

Development activity?

10 events (30d)

10 events (90d)

Active users ?

  • Daily 1,716
  • Weekly 3,312
  • Monthly 5,026


  • 1 day 5,704
  • 7 days 45,311
  • 30 days 201,980
  • Mainnet address (Steem)

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  • Partiko - The Ultimate Mobile App on Steem | Review DApp

    Partiko is a decentralized social app that allows you to directly monetize your content and earn cryptocurrency. Right now, users can earn Steem by creating content on the Steem blockchain.

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  • PARTIKO - A mobile application for Steemit users

    Many users of decentralized platforms often prefer to have access to social networks at hand, preferring to use mobile applications (DApps) to access and manage these social networks. PARTIKO is one of the many mobile applications that make life within the cryptographic ecosystem of the STEEM cryptographic coin, being one of the most versatile applications but with certain characteristics that tend to be attractive and others not so attractive. Many Steemit users have smart phones, which they use to navigate and communicate with their friends and loved ones, taking this into account, a group of developers have designed a mobile dApp extremely fast and operable within the chain of Steem blocks.

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  • Partiko: Social network for the intenet of value

    For a dapp to launch in a short period and now, is currently occupying number 6 in the state of the dapps list is something that marvels me. I never for once expected this dapp to get to such height within a short period. With what it has achieved in such short period, this should tell you that this dapp is something else.

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  • Meet Partiko - The Social Media DApp of the Future!

    Social media is going through somewhat of a revolution at the moment. The advent of decentralized blockchains have made it possible to create social media platforms that are not controlled by one single party. Currently, the most popular blockchain platform for social media is Steem. It boasts thousands of active users and there are dozens of social media DApps which you can use to interface with it, Partiko being the most popular one.

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  • PARTIKO - A review of the smoothest and reliable dApp on the Steem blockchain

    Most individuals on social media use their smartphones to post and browse the internet, so it’s a no-brainer to acquire an exceptionally swift mobile dApp for the Steem blockchain. There have been some few attempts to create a responsive and fast dApp for the Steem community, but the user experience has been quite poor with several attempts made. I tried some of them, but seeing the quality I gave up my search and concluded that it was impossible to build a mobile dApp with a blockchain. But Partiko proved me wrong.

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