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Participants on the PIBBLE platform create social value by uploading and sharing media contents such as photos or videos. In other words, platform participants share uploaded contents and express their opinion through reactions such as ‘likes’ and comments, and the PIBBLE platform converts these expressions into social value. To do this, the PIBBLE platform provides cryptocurrency PIBBLE(PIB) and PIBBLE brush to participants as a reward system. That is, ‘Social Value’ refers to sympathizing and providing value to contents stimulating users’ emotions and reasons. The PIBBLE platform allows users
to directly reward creator through upvoting.

Status: Beta



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Last updated: Oct 17th, 2019
Submitted: Aug 7th, 2019

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  • Monthly 9,343


  • 1 day 822
  • 7 days 10,109
  • 30 days 52,144
  • Mainnet contracts (Klaytn)

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