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PiggyBanks - Create piggy banks on Ethereum!

What is a Piggy Bank?
An Ethereum Piggy Bank is like a real piggy bank: it holds money until it is freed.

Anyone can send money to a piggy bank, but only its owner can free it.

Once freed, a piggy bank is destroyed and money is sent to its owner.

You can transfer a piggy bank you owns to a new owner at any time.

How to send money to a piggy bank?
All you need in order to send money to a piggy bank is its address.
Using its address, you can send it money from your wallet, like any Ethereum address.
Both tokens (ERC20) and collectibles (ERC721) are accepted.
Collectibles are automatically recognized and sent back when freed.

But you will need to explicitly add a token to your piggy bank in order to receive its balance when freed.

Is it free?
I only charge some finneys (mΞ) for the creation of a piggy bank.
You can check the current price by clicking the "Create" button.

Status: Beta



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Last updated: Nov 1st, 2019
Submitted: Nov 1st, 2019
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