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  • DeFi Governance, Asset Pools and Liquidity
Pollen - DeFi Governance, Asset Pools and Liquidity

Community governed asset Indexes.

Pollen is the first fully decentralized asset management protocol, decentralizing DAO governance and asset order fulfillment.

Pollen is also a DAO platform. Its platform capabilities allow us to deploy a custom governance model and allows others to launch their own asset indexes.

Pollen identifies the best governance decision makers based on voting history and adds them to a Collective Delegation group. This Collective Delegation model not only improves governance decision making and subsequent rewards/yield but also creates a new yield bearing instrument in the process.

Pollen has a consensus layer that puts the community in control. The protocol tracks the performance of community members and assigns reputation accordingly.

Custom asset indexes can be launched for specific use cases e.g Synthetics or NFT Indexes.

Join our discord community here: https://pollen.id/#discord

Status: Stealth


Vadim, Adam

Software license


Last updated: Mar 22nd, 2021
Submitted: Jun 3rd, 2020
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