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Pollen - DeFi Governance, Asset Pools and Liquidity

Pollen is a lot of things; a DAO, a DeFi asset pool and a liquidity provider. It uses human capital, governance protocols and perfectly aligned interests to recalibrate and optimise based on market conditions.

If DeFi is going to replace CeFi, then asset management is a huge part of that.

We needed safer, more transparent ways to govern and grow. To collectively participate away from the noisy and volatile markets. To use the services we are passionate about and help underpin the rapidly maturing DeFi ecosystem.

Better asset pool governance models not only means that we can that we have better decision making, aligned interests and transparency; it means that we can focus on what matters and what drew us to this ecosystem in the first place.

Pollen was born.

Status: Stealth


Ahmed, Tomek, Gareth

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Last updated: Jul 16th, 2020
Submitted: Jun 3rd, 2020

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