• PRA Candy Box

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PRA Candybox is a dapp for EOS token distribution. The users can claim token every 4 hours. The more EPRA token you deposit, the shorter duration and more times accumulated you can grab tokens again. PRA Candybox has integrated with TokenPocket, Meetone, MathWallet, Lynx and more than 10 eos mobile wallets. There is also a web version for Chrome users who have Scatter installed.

Status: Live



Software license

Unknown license

Submitted: Sep 19th, 2018
Last updated: Nov 19th, 2018

Active users ?

  • Daily 8,285
  • Weekly 10,756
  • Monthly 18,280


  • 1 day 44,395
  • 7 days 415,977
  • 30 days 1,955,299
  • Mainnet contract (EOS)

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