• Pulse

  • Improving your healthcare experience

Pulse is a decentralized application whose primary task is to elicit real-time user-generated opinions on the care that they recieve as it occurs. The dApp accomplishes this by utilizing the industry accepted Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems (aka CAHPS) survey questionnaire as its framework for interacting with the user/patient in discreet interaction modules enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

The dApp fixes two pressing issues which have huge impacts on healthcare delivery, cost, management:

  1. It gives patients the ability to mindfully voice their opinion on the care they recieved from their provider instantly and on a digital platform which would be more engaging and elicits more robust acctionable data.

  2. Healthcare organizations greatly benefit from the improved turn around times going from the current week to several months takes to validate survey data down to the confirmation time of an ethereum block (appx 14s)

Status: Prototype


Polyn8 Inc

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Last updated: Nov 21st, 2018
Submitted: Nov 21st, 2018

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