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  • Ranch Bank [Ranch Bank] is an experiment of blockc
Ranch Bank - Ranch Bank [Ranch Bank] is an experiment of blockc

Ranch Bank [Ranch Bank] is an experiment of blockchain DEFI. It is a landing experiment scenario for the Sunshine Ranch community. Its main functions include DEFI experiments such as storage, lending, and financial derivatives. The experiment may fail and may also be due to politics. , Natural disasters and other uncontrollable factors.

Ranch Bank business model:
Ranch Bank, the "Ranch Bank", is a DeFi ecological project based on TRON.
The agreement in Ranch Bank is based on the agreement on TRON, which is used to establish a fund pool based on changes in the supply and demand of assets and calculate the interest rate by algorithm. The suppliers and borrowers of assets interact directly with the agreement to earn or pay interest rates.
The Ranch Bank project includes DeFi bank currency business and regular investment and wealth management. In the future, it will provide cross-chain digital currency support for the main network such as ETH and BTC to realize the interaction between TRO

Status: Beta



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Last updated: Oct 5th, 2020
Submitted: Oct 5th, 2020
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