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REDi - Energy Data marketplace

REDi pursues a renewable energy data marketplace based on blockchain. REDi has launched its pilot service, SUNDY, to provide smart asset management solutions for solar energy power plants.

Consolidated through our in-house engineered smart IoT device, data such as daily energy production, operational efficiency, local weather forecasts, and the power plant’s maintenance history are comprehensively analyzed to provide value-added services such as performance analysis for power plant components for manufacturers and sellers, and power plant valuations for asset investors and financial institutions.

Secure and decentralized REDi blockchain-based ecosystem underlying the SUNDY service will act to provide an immutable energy data pool and provide a wide variety of value for all industry stakeholders. Users will benefit from accurate data analysis, access to on-demand services, and not to mention, added profits from sharing their energy data to the REDi data marketplace.

Status: Beta



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Last updated: Jan 12th, 2022
Submitted: Jun 12th, 2020
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