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Rove - Meet us in the metaverse

Rove is your address in the metaverse. Create your own social space in 3D/VR and hang out
with your friends, coworkers, and customers – in your very own corner of the new 3D web.
Rove provides a combination of:
● The new 3D web: an infinitely expanding web of user-created 3D virtual worlds
● 3D experiences: a new communication primitive that is immersive, real-time & persistent
● User-owned: users hold the keys to Rove, and everything in it
Rove’s primary use cases:
● Personal and family: your personal home in the metaverse. Customize your space,
entertain your guests, and meet immersively in 3D or VR.
● Communities: a 3D home for your community. Give your community an address in the
metaverse where they can chatter & connect. Host your next AMA on a whole new level.
● Businesses: give your team an office in the metaverse. Be in the same room as your
distributed team, get to know new coworkers, and see your favorite friends at work again.

Status: Beta



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Last updated: May 1st, 2022
Submitted: Feb 25th, 2022

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