• Sablier

  • The protocol for real-time finance
Sablier - The protocol for real-time finance

Sablier is the protocol for real-time finance on the Ethereum blockchain. You can access the protocol via our branded web interfaces and stream money on the Internet today:

  • https://pay.sablier.finance
  • https://app.sablier.finance

What is Sablier useful for?

Imagine a salary worth 3,000 DAI paid over the month of January.

  1. Company makes deposit worth 3000 DAI
  2. Time passes (say 5 days)
  3. The employee has now been "streamed" 500 DAI while the company has 2,500 DAI left
  4. Time passes (say 5 days again)
  5. Now the employee can withdraw 500 DAI more, but the company decides to shut down the stream - maybe they fired the employee.
  6. The company receives back 2,000 DAI, while the employees gets the remaining 500 DAI.
Status: Beta


Paul Razvan Berg

Software license

LGPL 3.0

Last updated: Jan 7th, 2020
Submitted: Jun 1st, 2019
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