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Smartsteem - Investment and promotion-service

Smartsteem was launched in late 2017 as an investment and promotion-service for the Steem blockchain. Since the very beginning the aim of Smartsteem was to not only make it easier for users and investors of all sizes to grow their stake on STEEM, but do so in a sustainable ethical manner.

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Last updated: May 23rd, 2019
Submitted: Dec 16th, 2018
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  • Review a Finance DApp & Earn Rewards ft. State Of The DApps!

    Greetings of the day it's great to be with all of you. It is great because I'm a part of this awesome community. I'm writing this blog to confirm my participation in the contest started by @Oracle-d Review a Finance DApp & Earn Rewards ft. State Of The DApps. So in this blog post I'm @ajks going to review SMARTSTEEM A Steem Blockchain Based Vote Selling and SP Delegation Platform. So with out wasting much time let me start the review.

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  • DApp Review - Finance Section - The Smartsteem Dapp Review

    What does Steem, its blockchain and its cryptocurrency mean to you? For some, the Steem blockchain is simply a place that replaces their traditional blog sites. For others, it is where they come to meet new people from all over the world, learn new cultures and make new friends. For yet a number of others, the Steem blockchain is where they post articles and earn rewards through it. A final group includes those that are into the blockchain because of its investment possibilities that abound. It is for these latter set of people that Smartsteem was founded. We shall now delve into what Smartsteem is and why it is an essential finance dapp for everyone to use.

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  • Smartsteem-Investment and promotion-service on Steem Blockchain! Review A Finance DApp!

    Smartsteem is listed on Stateofthedapps and ranked 53. Smartsteemis a promotion and investment service for the Steem blockchain users, Which was created and launched in 2017. And Smartsteem is the first promotion and investment service on steem that is mainly focused on content quality and who wants to make steem a better and beautiful place for all members of steemit. Steemains are able to buy upvotes directly from Smartsteem and from the vote sellers of this service. Steemains can get a good share of the profit from their sold votes. Streemains can whitelist users to select for which users and which categories their votes will be sold to.

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