• Sourcify

  • Contract verification service and metadata repo
Sourcify - Contract verification service and metadata repo

Sourcify is an initiative which aims to make interacting with smart contracts on the blockchain safer and more transparent for users.

To achieve this goal, Sourcify supports several efforts to foster adoption of open-source source verification, metadata files and NatSpec comments.

At its core, Sourcify currently maintains

  • an interface that helps developers to verify metadata and contract source code.
  • a contract repository of all verified contracts.
  • a monitoring & verifier service that checks for new contracts on Ethereum blockchains (mainnet and testnets) and tries to verify them automatically.

Sourcify provides the base layer, which allows other tools to be built on top of it. Its main purpose is to keep metadata and source files available via IPFS and Swarm (preventing that the links in the bytecode turn into dead links).

Status: Live


edisinovcic, chriseth, ligi, cgewecke, Jakic007, FabijanC

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Submitted: Oct 30th, 2020

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