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  • Autonomous evolving casino, no house
Spinwin - Autonomous evolving casino, no house

Spinwin is a completely autonomous game of chance on the Ethereum blockchain that evolves and progresses over time as game conditions and its bankroll changes. Spinwin does not have a "house" that takes profits. Instead, players earn SPIN tokens on bet losses which allow them to reclaim ETH wagered as game conditions change.

Our goal with Spinwin was to build a blockchain based game that requires no manual intervention, maintenance or interaction from a 3rd party in order to operate. It does not rely on Oracles or 3rd party APIs. It can be played entirely on the blockchain. So it can theoretically outlive us, and we hope our grand kids are able to play it.

It features two games of chance, a dice-like game and a lottery, along with a referral system.

All components of Spinwin rely on completely decentralized architecture, and all game logic and workings are housed entirely on smart contracts, including the referral system.

Users play by choosing a bet amount in ETH, a number

Status: Abandoned



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Last updated: May 30th, 2019
Submitted: May 13th, 2019

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