• Steem Monsters

  • Collectible trading card game
Steem Monsters - Collectible trading card game

What do you get when you cross Pokemon Card Games and World of Warcraft characters and out it on the Steem Blockchain? Steem Monsters!

Steem Monsters is a digital collectible multiplayer card game powered by cutting edge blockchain technology. Every collectible card is a unique token, owned by YOU - a digital asset registered to your account. You can, buy, sell, or trade your cards on the Monster Market Exchange.

Battle other monsters as you fight for control of a chaotic world at war alongside the Splinters . An ancient prophecy foretells of a hero who will reunite the Splinters against the Greater Enemy, saving the world from a near inevitable doom. Could that hero be you?

Choose your Monsters, and prepare for battle! The player who builds the best team will find glory on the Battlegrounds, fame on the leaderboards, and fortune in the Grand Tournament!

Status: Live


Steem Monsters

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Last updated: Jan 6th, 2019
Submitted: Dec 16th, 2018

Active users ?

  • Daily 2,707
  • Weekly 4,246
  • Monthly 5,013


  • 1 day 192,337
  • 7 days 1,331,806
  • 30 days 5,174,797

Volume (STEEM)

  • 1 day 28,788.014
  • 7 days 172,754.548
  • 30 days 1,009,374.507
  • Mainnet address (Steem)

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Critic Reviews

  • The Dapper Weekly | Ep 8 - Splinterlands (AKA Steem Monsters) Game Review

    Splinterlands has received an overall rating of 4.3/5 - It is a strong beta dapp that has a very bright future.

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  • Reviewing Steemmonsters | Join the Splinterlands

    If it wasn’t for these tasks, I’d probably not find out about all these great DApps that are to be found on the blockchains. In this case, I've chosen to review a DApp I've been using for a few months already though, and this one is not new to me at all. In fact, I use Steemmonsters on a daily basis!

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  • STEEMMONSTERS Review! // Exclusive DTube video 304

    Welcome to my review of @steemmonsters! The first thing that amazes me about it are the amazing statistics that can be viewed here: https://www.stateofthedapps.com/dapps/steem-monsters The amount of transactions and the volume of Steem traded in the last 30 days is incredible!

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  • Reviewing STEEMMONSTERS as an Oracle-D Task for "State of the Dapps"

    Steemmonsters is a digital, multiplayer, collectible, card "trading" online game based on the steem blockchain. Huge shoutouts to @aggroed and @yabapmatt. The aim is to collect and upgrade the cards to climb the rank ladder as well as trade them for REAL money. Additionally you can complete daily tasks to win reward cards which can be further upgraded or traded.

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  • Steem-monsters: An Overview

    Steem Monsters (also @steemmonsters on the STEEM blockchain, developed by @aggroed and @yabapmatt) is one of an emerging pack (haha...) of decentralised games that build upon the idea of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which were first made popular with smash hit, CryptoKitties.

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